Language Of Desire Program make him sexually Obsessed

language of desire by felicity Keith

Language Of Desire Program make him sexually Obsessed

How To Talk dirty to a Man and make him sexually Obsessed with you, without even touching him. it’s a powerful way of holding on to your man forever and it keeps him thinking about you even if you are not with him. Using some dirty talk in a subtle way, your man will not be sure what you mean and he will keep thinking about you and your words.

That will keep him interested and attracted on you. Talking dirty will not only keep him thinking about you but it is also arousing and hot. You can make great use of this technique if you want to make your sex encounters hotter. It builds sexual tension and makes people crave sex. This is a sure way to prevent boredom in your relationship.

how to talk dirty to a man

If you’ve ever felt a man PULL AWAY, lose interest or suddenly stop chasing or seducing you and didn’t know why or what to do, Or if you feel like you never get what *YOU* need in bed from any guy you date, then this Program is perfect for you.

The Language Of Desire Program:

Teaches you techniques and ready-to-use Words that can Trigger your man’s brain and Getting Your Fantasies Met “With Him Thinking It’s His Idea” you can call it your personal super power .

how to talk dirty to a man

Stimulating your man’s sexual desire is as simple as sending well thought out hot dirty texts with powerful words to evoke his sexual drive. The secret to using dirty texts is being explicit to keep your man anticipating what is to follow. Sexting comes with a lot of possibilities and you can easily toy with your man’s sexual feelings if you know how to do it right.

without wasting much time let me go ahead and let you know the benefits of getting the “How to Talk Dirty To A Man” Language Of Desire program by Felicity Keith.

How Talk dirty to a Man and make him sexually Obsessed with you : Here is a little sneak-peak of what’s inside The Language Of Desire.


  1. Module One: The Introduction
  2. Module Two: Becoming a Sexual Super Women
  3. Module Three: Loving Man’s Best Friend (hint: it’s not his dog)
  4. Module Four: Brain Chemistry and Sex
  5. Module Five: Create an Erotic Action Movie
  6. Module Six: Desire Intensifiers
  7. Module Seven: For the Single Ladies
  8. Module Eight: Getting Your Fantasies
  9. Met Module Nine: When “Sex” Isn’t Possible
  10. Module Ten: Master Class

The  language of desire program is a ten module course each containing lessons and worksheet for practices, and more amazing Bonuses and ready to use text Messages. visit the official language of desire website:

how to talk dirty to a man

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