The Best Marriage Proposal 2014

The Best Marriage Proposal Ever,  Levy and Tiffany met at the Rose Bowl, one of the best bowl game locations in college football, and they got engaged there, too, with all of their family and friends watching.

But Tiffany, who is currently a Master’s student at University of Florida, had no idea. She thought she was in California for a military event for Levy’s dad, but got something even more amazing.

Levy, who has saved for a special proposal since age 12 (yep, 12!), planned the elaborate day-long proposal that included a limo ride, 10 of her closest friends coming together, a mani-pedi and a shopping spree.

As the day went on, she kept meeting up with her friends and family members and received clues Levy had left for her. Then, wearing the dress she had picked out that day, her father led her blindfolded into the empty stadium where she and Levy first met, almost four years ago.

“Getting to see her come through that tunnel, for that moment,” Levy says, “I get to sink in how beautiful she is.”

Cue the tears. All of them.

The Best Marriage Proposal - 2014

Who wouldn’t want this kind of proposal,  I tell You Good girls get the best in life.

Shout out to Candlelight Films for an amazing video.
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